On going to Shetland

As some of you know, I have been struggling to control my excitement about the fact that tomorrow I am setting off to visit the Shetland Isles again.

For those of you who are new to these parts of the Blogosphere, you can go back almost five (five!) years in the archive to when I announced my first visit to Shetland, in a post entitled Naked Women (and other things).*

You can then make up for the fact that I may not be posting anything for a few days, by reading about the adventures and the music I documented last time.  I hope that there will be some more stories upon my return.

I am pleased to inform you that my grandmother’s cousins are still alive** and am very much looking forward to spending a day or so with them as part of an itinerary which will also hopefully include some puffins and the famous bus-stop with the TV.  There will also be some tunes – I will be ensuring Baker St is on my MP3 player (no trip to Shetland, or anywhere, in fact would be complete without it) but my current top tip for the upcoming adventure is Gran Turismo (The Cardigans).  It has a good combination of haunting melodies, driving beats and is suitably Scandinavian.  Plus, I bought it for £2 in a CD sale so if it’s completely rubbish it’s not as big a mistake as the Wham! CD I once bought for £18.***

Of course, the weather will play a huge factor in all of this.  Having not been able to fly home last time I’ve taken the sensible decision to fly both ways this time.  And the forecast is not ideal.  So if you’re a praying person, do please be asking God for some nice weather for this trip.  Thanks!

*In case you were wondering, Shetland comes under the “other things” category.  I’m sorry if that disappoints you.

**I did have to check before planning this trip.

***There’s no point in asking me why.  I don’t know.



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