It was acceptable in the 80’s

If you are a Londoner you will probably not be too enamoured with the news that the Underground workers are going on strike.  If you are ignorant you will probably unfairly blame Boris, whilst the word in the industry is that the strike is because a pay deal offered “falls well short of RMT’s claim for a substantial, above-inflation, pay rise in a one-year deal.”  It’s difficult to know if this is really the reason, because the Union have spouted some other excuses as well (a sure sign that there is no motivation other than selfish political gain) but I’m amazed that anyone has sympathy with Bob Crow and his cronies (especially when he already earns so much).  We’d all love a generous salary, let alone a pay rise, but most people accept that at this time you can ask for a substantial payrise but probably won’t get it.

Someone needs to follow Reagan’s example from 1981…


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