On returning to civilisation

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Last time I checked in to this corner of the Blogosphere I was back in an empty airport terminal having just been for a wander to a nice beach.  Having done the maths, I was actually starting to look forward to another night in the northern isles.  I was envisaging a nice evening meal, and perhaps the chance to see some more puffins.

Alas, it wasn’t to be, as there were a number of ‘no shows’ for the Aberdeen flight after all.  So I found myself hurrying through Departures (carrying my own case to security, you will note) and out to the waiting plane to be whisked back to the Scottish Mainland.  In all honesty, it was very much for the best and we were able to make it to Inverness for a superb meal at The Kitchen and a pint in Hootananny's.  Great times.

So now I am back to earth with a bump.  I have a cold, and I have work to do.  Sad times.  Still, once again Shetland proved to be a place of awesome scenes and stories to tell.  Stay tuned…


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