On being dead trivial

As you may have seen, there is some discussion going on about on the spot fines for careless drivers.  In principle, I think that this is a good thing.  After all, we can probably all recall seeing someone driving and wondering how on earth they passed their test.  The caveat, I guess, is that it doesn’t become a money making scheme, like those speed cameras which get you for doing 31mph on a dual carriage-way through Reading at 2am.

Doubtless there will be some debate about what drivers should be busted for, and what is “trivial.”  I would imagine that your inclination would be to put anything you get stopped for in the latter category, and it’s interesting to see how far some people will stretch the definition of “trivial.”  One commentator on the aforementioned article (who goes by the name of anotherfakename) suggests that “compared to the population and use of roads 2000 dead is trivial.”  Statistically speaking, I guess they may have a point of sorts, but life (or in this case death) doesn’t work like that.  At least they had the nous to note the obvious caveat that being killed is not trivial for the people concerned…


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