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testing a theory

After some absence caused largely by Blogspot technical difficulties and the fact that I have had better things to do (like my on-going dissertation) I am pleased to announce the presence of another poll in the sidebar. Yay.

This one is simple, doing exactly what it says on the tin*. I should probably also clarify that I am asking whether or not you have an uncle who is called John and that 'Uncle John' is not slang for part of the anatomy (a la 'John Thomas') or a practical commodity (a la 'Little John'). As if I'd ever be so immature anyway.

So, what are you waiting for? Vote Now.**

*Like Ronseal. Except here it's less of a tin and more of a post title.

**Open to readers across the blogosphere.

on hiring a transit van

Originally uploaded by JP1984.
Developing a tradition of posting blurry photos which may resemble something if you squint hard enough, this advert was drawn to my attention and I thought that it was worth sharing.

I have no need of a transit van at the moment, but I was nonetheless intrigued by the fact that one of the services they purport to offer is 'Bank Jobs'. I wonder how that fits in with the assertion that they are 'friendly and flexible'?

If you're planning to rob a bank and cannot decipher the cunningly smudged contact details, please get in touch and I will see what I can do. For a small commission I'd be delighted to help, and just think - it might enable me to afford a proper camera or a new phone...

Boris? JP says "yes"

I know from one of my polls that some of you are already minded to vote for Boris in his campaign to be London Mayor, and will so cast that vote if you are eligible. I hope that the rest of you have since seen sense, and will join me in supporting Boris. If you were in the ignorant/clueless category, click here.

The reasons to vote Ken out are mounting*, but if you're still dithering about doing the right thing, you should check out Boris' speech. It's rather good.

So, the message is simple. Back Boris, and if you're lucky enough to be able to vote, don't waste the opportunity. To quote from the BBC,

Anyone registered to vote in London, irrespective of which party they support, can vote in the ballot which closes on 26 September. The result is due to be announced the next morning.

*EDIT: As Alasdair notes, this was a slightly spurious link, because I have no proof that Ken is to blame for the current Tube strike, and the post was more a rant about Bob Crow, anywa…

the effects of Communism on London

Need I say more?.

Is this Ken's fault? I wouldn't be surprised if it was, but we all know that I wouldn't vote for him anyway so I'll not rant about him this time.

Instead, yet again, it's Bob Crow who is the target of my wrath*. Words almost fail me, and most of those which don't are unprintable. I note from Wikipedia that this joker was a member of the British Communist Party, and he embodies perfectly the assertions made about Communism by George Orwell in Animal Farm. Although you could argue that because the disruption is so widespread that all Londoners are - in fact - being treated equally, what we actually have is someone who will abuse his position and do all he can to get what he wants, regardless of the effects on anyone else. Bob and his cronies are enjoying a few days holiday at the expense of disruption and inconvenience for the vast majority, and it's far from 'fair' or 'ideal'.

The sad thing is, however, is that although mo…