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Live Slowly. Die Old. End of Day 1.

I can hear some of you panicking that you’ve been subjected to a lot of random video footage already, and I am only now announcing the end of the first day (“and it was good”). However, it’s just that no travel diary/documentary/wildlife series would be complete without a tired sounding reflection on the day which has past.  So here’s our attempt.  What a shame that Chris didn’t bring his pipe and slippers…It’s time for dinner now, so we’ll have to leave you on that happy note.  More adventures from the next couple of days will follow at some point.

Live Slowly. Die Old. Portsmouth.

Some of you may be thinking that Chris only had one desire; to charm the girls with his English accent.  But no – the boy from Portsmouth (Hampshire) wanted to visit Portsmouth (New Hampshire).  So we did, without meeting any girls.  We didn’t see anything other than a stone plaque we had to clear some snow from, but it was a special moment.  Even though Chris didn’t actually wear the Pompey shirt. I particularly like Patrick’s enthusiasm for the “beautiful” state of Maine…

Live Slowly. Die Old. Meeting Patrick.

In case you were wondering who Patrick was…though I’m guessing if you didn’t know him before you still don’t care.  Sorry about that, it was only 9 seconds if your life wasted.

Live Slowly. Die Old. Arrival…in Boston

It hasn’t taken us 24h to get from Terminal 5 to Boston (which is quite surprising given that it did take me 36h to get back from Holland last week) – but we have clearly had better things to do since we arrived than blog all the time.  Plus it’s fun to feed you bite-size chunks and leave some cliff-hangers.Anyway, “so here we are” as I seem to say every time a camera is pointed in my direction.  If you want confirmation that we did leave T5 and have arrived in Boston I am pleased to present 39s of unedited banter. The observant amongst you may notice my trademark sway. If you were hoping for hand gestures instead, blame the fact that I was holding on to my bag.  Either way, it’s a sign that I was quite excited to have finally arrived (there were no attractive girls around, so it can’t have been that…).

Proud to be British?

Apologies for interrupting the ‘Live Slowly. Die Old’ travel diary experience, but I am feeling the need to pass comment on something.  I might be Stateside, but I still look to the BBC for my news – and I was horrified today to see that the headline on the main page for this article was “I Coast attack may restart war.”  “I Coast”?! Who calls it that? How hard is it to write “Ivory”?  At this rate, the BBC News Page will have a ‘Page 3’ before long…

Live Slowly. Die Old. The Mystery Book.

As I kick back after dinner, I have less desire to edit videos then I do to write.  So rather than some flashy compilation for the day I shall continue to enthral you with random clips.  Some of you may be wondering why I have entitled this series “Live Slowly. Die Old.”  Some of you know that I took advantage of the ‘mystery book’ scheme at Billingshurst library, and may be wondering what masterpiece lay hidden within the Christmas wrapping.Watch this next installment and all will be revealed…

Live Slowly. Die Old. Arrival…at Terminal 5.

“Stateside adventures” may have been a bit misleading – because at this point in our (still unedited) video diary, we’re not Stateside yet.  In fact, all we’ve done is been on a bus.  Even for the transport geek buried deep inside me, it was not the most exciting thing. As you will see, if you bothered to watch this 21 second masterpiece, I dropped a glove when boarding the bus.  But I found it again when I got off, and disaster was averted.

Live Slowly. Die Old. The trip begins…

So, I know I’ve not blogged in a while, and I’m not going to bore you with excuses.  Neither am I going to do my usual and make some political comments or talk about trains.  Instead, I am going to take a dip in to the world of the online travel diary.  Two of us have crossed the Atlantic to visit a good friend from Canada Maine, and we thought that it would be fun to keep a diary of our trip.  Stateside adventures are bound to provide some interesting material…aren’t they?Anyway, without further ado – or any attention to video editing – let us begin… Bus Station.