Computer says no

So tomorrow is voting day.  AV or not to AV, that is the question…

It may not surprise some of you to learn that I shall be voting ‘no.’  But it may surprise you to learn that I have actually thought about it properly, and I’m not being conservative just for the sake of it.

I’m not a huge fan of the sensationalism and the mud-slinging, but I do think that the ‘No’ campaign makes some good points.

Although the threat of more coalitions may be seen as scaremongering, I think that it is a very real possibility, and I’m not sure that is what we want for the country.  In my current line of research I am often frustrated by the fact that decisions are often not able to be taken because there is a lack of political will.  Sometimes leaders must lead, and governments must be empowered to do so without resorting to the lowest common denominator.  Even with AV your one MP’s individual views are going to be no more representative of the populous than they are at the moment.

The other thing which is worth bearing in mind – and one of the things which has encouraged me to vote ‘no’ rather than ‘yes’ – is the fact that the constituency boundaries are going to be reviewed anyway, whatever tomorrow’s outcome.  So don’t vote ‘yes’ just because you think it is the only way of getting some reform…


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