On not being so grateful for correspondence

I don’t get much post, so it’s been an exciting week because I’ve not only had something from Virgin Trains (see below) but I have also had something from Vanquis Bank.  Whoever they are.

Actually, it’s not that exciting at all, because the post from Vanquis Bank is unsolicited junk.  Like most civilised people, I don’t do junk mail.  And this particular piece of junk mail is worse than most, because rather than assume I’m stupid enough to believe that I’ve been singularly chosen for a free holiday, it appears to think that I have problems managing my money.  Not to worry, however, because I’ve been specially selected to apply for a card with a ‘manageable credit limit.’

If you work for Vanquis Bank, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Some of us are capable of having a credit card without helping to induce a recession (believe it or not).

If you know someone who works for Vanquis Bank, give them a hard stare from me and don’t talk to them for a while.


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