...The Hooded Man.

Today's musical reference bears no resemblence to what I am about to say, but should you have nothing else to say about this post you can name the artist anyway, in the usual fashion. Come to think about it, I know nothing about said artist, so if anyone has anything useful or interesting to say then that would be great.

Anyway, I'm currently kicking back, enjoying a glass of wine and reflecting on the past few days. It's been a strange week; I've had very little voice and whatever it was that knocked me back last week has left me lethargic and lacking energy. Disappointingly, my voice has not even gone sexy and possesses no deep or husky tones. 'Prepubescent' was how my friend helpfully described it yesterday. Score.

I've not even had the voice for my usual musical interludes - there's been no "suscipe" and no random repeated snippets from songs or jingles. Alas (he says, knowing that some of you will not share my sorrow in the slightest).

However, despite not being able to go carol singing this week has certainly had some high points. I enjoyed the carol service very much on Sunday; it was nice to be in the congregation and not the choir for once, even if I did feel like Scrooge in my 'unable to sing' state. The church looked beautiful and the copious amounts of rather good wine I was served by some neighbours afterwards sorted me out a bit.

Cousin Dave provided us with the pleasure of his company on Tuesday and I thoroughly enjoyed sampling one of the local Indian Restaurants with him. You can't beat a good curry and I feel that Tuesday night was well spent enjoying the hospitality of Monsoon (with an obligatory trip to the Bells afterwards, of course).

Wednesday saw the Infant School Carol Service in church, which was fun, and I enjoyed a brief visit to Chichester in the afternoon. I sort of floated around but was able to appreciate the beautiful Cathedral and quaint surrounding streets.

Yesterday I was a bit lethargic and not-with-it in the morning but I did get my act together for a trip to London in the afternoon/evening. That deserves its own post, I think, but suffice to say that it was fun.

Today I had a fascinating morning exploring the world of aircraft simulation and this afternoon I just about managed to round off my Christmas shopping and collect kindling for the log-burner with my dad.

And now I have collapsed in to a chair enjoying the opportunity to veg out completely and share my musings with anyone who cares to read them. Mmm.


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