on not keeping pace with the 'village' calender

When I was having a bit of a sort out yesterday I found a flyer for 'Billifest', which must surely have been one of the events of 2006. I was packing up and finishing some coursework some 100 or so miles away at the time, and I can't believe that I missed it. What a silli billi.

For those of you who don't move in the right circles, the Christmas 'Billifest' (with French Market) apparently offered, amongst other things, Santa's Grotto, Live Bands, Christmas Carols, competitions and special offers from local shops. The most important aspect however, and probably the reason for the event was the High Street Opening Ceremony, following months of 'improvement work'*. The French Market necessitated closure of said High Street however, so it appears that one would have had to have headed to the adjacent shopping precinct to witness this momentous occasion.

Did anyone make it to the 'Billifest'? Was it as good as the flyer would have you believe?

*There are some new benches should one wish to sit and watch the cars go by on the new smooth surface, and the new pavement looks rather nice. The new mini roundabouts are (seriously) a good thing though.


Rachael said…
did they paint the already existing roundabouts in bright colours as to not miss the cyclists!!
Anonymous said…
Just a comment about the mini roundabouts. The one outside jengers mead is actually impossible to drive round as you leave the village. I go round it!

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