home, but exhausted

I feel as though I now very definitely know what the phrase "burnt out" means. I am so exhausted that it is debilitating.

Overtiredness at the beginning of the week gave way to a high temperature on Thursday and I was confined to bed for a large part of the day (and I don't admit defeat easily).

I have since floated vaguely through the last 48 hours, and am pleased that somehow I did manage to complete my coursework. I am also indebted hugely to my little brother who helped me move a lot of my things out and drove me home last night.

It's great to be home, if a little weird having been away for two months. Given that I have unexpectedly had to find somewhere else to live in Bath as well, I feel like some sort of nomad.

I am currently bemoaning the fact that I have lost my voice completely and am unable to sing with the choir in the carol service at church later. Gutting. I was really very much looking forward to it and I am really annoyed that I've let myself end up in this state.

Hopefully though I might just have enough energy to make it to the church anyway, where I shall croak away in the congregation and enjoy a bit of much needed festive cheer.


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