Happy are the people whose God is the Lord

Last night I went to hear London Community Gospel Choir, supported by Bath Community Gospel Choir and the University GASP Choir at The Forum.

I have some friends who sing in GASP and they were amazing. The two Bath choirs combined on stage made a huge sound.

London City Gospel Choir were great as well. Led by the Revd. Bazil Meade (legend) they performed a long set and at times virtually all of the audience (~1500 people) were on their feet throwing some Gospel shapes.


Geoff said…
Would this be gospel as in Shine Jesus Shine, Oh Happy Days et cetera, by any chance?
Sam said…
Since when has Shine Jesus Shine been a gospel song?!

Shine Jesus Shine is a naff worship song, that had its day when it was written in the 1970s.

This is proper gospel:

JP said…
Hello Geoff,

Sam is right, Shine Jesus Shine is not Gospel music, it probably comes under the category of 'worship' music.

The words are actually very powerful, but the tune is very "1980s Christian Music" and its popularity when it was first written meant that it was 'overused' and it is now a bit passe.
Anonymous said…
LOL Very diplomatic, James!
Geoff said…
Well, what about "Oh, Happy Days" then? As these were not on offer at your recent gospel extravaganza, where should I go if I was in need of such nauseating music?

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