"io, io, io, by priest and people sungen"

Last night the Bath University Chamber Choir had the privilege of singing at Bowood House for a charity concert in aid of Headway. Like any stately home, Bowood House is impressive. I loved the busts of famous people and the beautiful paintings which dominated the hallway, and whilst it was still light the view from the front was quite something. One could not see any other sign of human habitation from one's window.

The concert itself seemed to go well. Punctuated by readings and poetry (making me feel very cultured) we sang a suitably festive set, including a couple of great carols for which the audience joined in. The acoustics in the chapel were excellent - a world away from the very dead Arts Barn we rehearse in, and without wishing to blow my own trumpet (so to speak) it really made me realise just how good the choir can sound.

Concert dress includes a hood if applicable, and I discovered to my delight that said hood being very furry resulted in a queue of people (mainly of the female persuasion) wishing to stroke it. Even if a rabbit did really die in the making of this production, it was worth it.


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