Political Splurge

Left wing readers might find this post pleasantly surprising. The rest of you probably need not worry too much however, I'm not losing the plot completely.

Once again, David Cameron has failed to impress. Well, almost. The fact that he is ex-Brasenose and leader of the Tory party and still fails to be in my good books is in itself quite impressive.

I know this is probably old news but my complaint centres around the Tory party video campaigns. The BBC Breakfast newsreader was right when she told Mr Cameron that some people find the term 'tosser' offensive, and although I've not bothered watching the whole video it seems a bit pointless given the current lack of Tory party policy on anything much. Coupled with the fact that the new logo apparently cost a whopping 40 grand, one wonders who the tossers really are.

That would be scathing enough without the revelation that I went to hear Paddy Ashdown speak and thought he was excellent. To be fair my expectations were quite low, but his talk, based around the reconstruction after the war in Bosnia and "why Iraq is a failure" was interesting, thought provoking, logical and well delivered. He even took questions well, being honest when he didn't know the answer.

Fear not, however, my opinions of the current "Lib" Dem party and their backstabbing ways has not improved.

Worryingly however, my opinion of Tony Blair has - fleetingly at least. I still think the man's a weasel, but his statement on 'British tolerence' and "conform or don't come here" was one of the best things he's ever said.


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