On the Eve of the Feast of the Holy Nativity 2006

The presents are wrapped. I've just hung up my cards* and decorated my room with some paper chains. Dinner is cooking and I am looking forward to an evening with the family before nipping to church for the Midnight Communion. I might need a whisky beforehand, but I am looking forward to croaking away in the choir (as a bass - my voice has at least regained a shred of masculinity in the last couple of days).

*as I get older and people pair off, I can't decide whether I am a fan of the joint Christmas card or not. Do the advantages of having to write less cards outweigh the disadvantages of receiving less cards? Not, I feel, a terribly important conundrum. If you sent me a card, thank-you, I really appreciate it. If you were expecting a card from me and didn't get one, I'm sorry.

Anyhow, I digress. All that remains is to wish you a very Happy Christmas.
God so loved the world that he sent his only Son
-John 3:16

Give it some thought, folks. Behind the gifts, the celebrations, and even the well behaved baby in a crib lies an important message.


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