I miss OLIS

I'm annoyed with the Bath University Library. Firstly they don't send reminder emails just before a book is due, though they clearly have the facility to do so because the moment my book became overdue I got a terse automated email from them informing me of that fact.

So I went in this morning to see if I could renew it and pay the fine. Unfortunately because I didn't have the book with me the librarian was unable to check my record and see if I was able to renew it. So I've now had to go online and sort it out myself.

There is no logical reason for this inefficiency.

Oxford's Library system may have done without a graphical interface, but at least it did its job efficiently.


dave said…
I owe about £35 to Leeds Uni Library. I can't take any more books out till I pay it :( And they send me reminders all the time, I just can't be arsed/forget.
Starkey said…
I'd suggest that it's not their responsibility to send reminders out; surely it's up to you to know when your books are due back.
On the other hand, I can't believe that they can't renew a book that you haven't got with you! Can't they just scan your card?

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