Tuesday, December 26, 2006


A message is for life, not just for Christmas


dave said...

I've read too much Richard Dawkins over Christmas I think, I've lost my negativity for faith and religion and gained pity for the insanity =)

JP said...

Are you trying to offer me some sympathy, Dave?

I'm glad that you are so sure of yourself, the reason for your existence and your destiny that you are able to look down on the rest of us. What's your secret?

dave said...

To look down on you would imply arrogance. What could be more arrogant than claiming to know the answers without any proof?

JP said...

Claiming you have no need of God and that you are in a position to pity those who have not yet reached such a state if enlightenment strikes me as more arrogant.

"What could be more arrogant than claiming to know the answers without any proof?"

Are you referring to me, or to yourself? ;)

dave said...

What 'strikes' you as arrogant and what 'is' arrogant are completely different things.

What is 'striking' about your last comment is your wink that no doubt acknowledges my point whilst trying to deflect the question away because deep down inside yourself, right right down, really really deep, you agree with me.

JP said...

Dave, if deep down I agreed with you I might now be having a crisis of faith, and I'm not. The reason for the wink was purely to keep a slightly light-hearted edge and make it clear that this is not a slanging match to be taken personally.

At the end of the day neither of us have any concrete proof - by definition faith relies on some lack thereof, and if you had concrete proof of your viewpoint then the majority of the world's population really would be misguided. So if you see it as arrogant to stand by one's viewpoint on that basis then arguably we are both as guilty as one another.

Furthermore, to say that you have no need of God is arrogant.

dave said...

"...then the majority of the world's population really would be misguided."

Right on partner. If you're not having a crisis of faith then it will not harm you to read one of the many entertaining and thought provoking books out there that prove there is no god. After all, reading the bible doesn't make you a Christian does it?

JP said...

If there are indeed books out there which prove that there is no God, why did you waste your time arguing with my mis-informed viewpoint in the first place?

However, if you would care to recommend such a book I will endeavour to procure it and look forward to an interesting read.

In the meantime there are also books out there which investigate the basis for the Christian faith. 'The Case for Christ' by Lee Strobel is said to be good, though I am ashamed to admit that I have not read it myself. See what you can get hold of.

You might also wish to start reading the Bible for yourself. Mark's Gospel is a good book to start with, and it won't take you long...