whilst we're talking about the Metro...

...I have to admit to being slightly annoyed with an article at the back end of last week. I was pleased to see that a page had been devoted to Up Helly Aa, the beautifully random and exciting-sounding Viking festival which I enjoyed finding out about when I visited the Shetland Isles. I always enjoy articles about quirky events and things which are off the beaten track, and I felt that this fitted the bill.

However, I'd just texted my fellow Shetland travelling companions to point out that there could sometimes be something of interest in my beloved Metro when I noticed the "information box" about Shetland. Said box contained such apparently useful information as "currency: pound", but actually this is not surprising given that the Shetlands are part of the British Isles. To me there was an implied ignorance, and I was duly annoyed.

Anyway, let's not get too negative. On the whole I do really like the Metro, and despite such minor issues I do feel that the reporting is generally quite good. Sorry, Dave, but this means that I don't have any reason to doubt their claims about the Student Loan scandal* this morning.

*perhaps such tabloid language comes across as hypocritical given my last post, but hey, everything has its place. And in this case, "scandal" would seem to be a good word...


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