Tuesday, January 15, 2008

it seems as though people campaign about anything these days

It's well documented that I have no time for people who wave placards*. Earlier, I saw the BBC link about an anti-traffic light campaigner. Really.

However, I resisted being abusive without getting my facts right for once**, and rather than shouting "get a job!" I let my curiosity get the better of me and read the article. It actually makes for some very interesting reading and although I'd never want to admit in public to supporting an anti-anything campaigner, I do like the thinking...

*I'm generally referring to those in protest of something, like the demolition of a "nice looking building in Bath", but those who advertise golf sales don't seem to contribute much to life either.

**I hope you're proud of me.


Starkey said...

I like his idea, actually!

Geoff said...

Are you not anti-capital punishment then, if you're not anti anything?

JP said...

I like his idea too, as I thought I'd implied in the article.

Anyway, Geoff. I am in fact anti-capital punishment, and probably anti- lots of other things as well. But I'd never label myself as an 'anti-capital punishment campaigner', but rather 'someone who is fundamentally against capital punishment'. There are times when they mean the same thing, but the former sounds too reminiscent of wet placards and fluffy feelings that someone has seen you and paid you some attention so therefore you must have made a difference.

Thinking of other social issues, how many people spend time going to a 'mass rally' and then head to Tesco's for cheap clothes and battery-hen eggs because "it's convenient?".

Hopefully you now see where I was trying to come from...