JP talks hairstyles (part one)

As you are probably aware, I'm quite a fan of Jeremy Clarkson.

Don't worry, I'm not about to talk about his hair, or increasing lack thereof. Instead, I shall mention the fact that he, and others, often talk with contempt about men who use 'product' in their hair. I quite liked such comments; aside from the fact that I found them quite funny, I generally agreed with the sentiment.

Of course, as far as I knew 'product' was Clarkson's sarcastic way of referring to hair gel, wax, etc. My sense of being streetwise is on a par with Norfolk, and I once bought Armani specs without realising, but even so, imagine my surprise when the lady cutting my hair yesterday actually asked if I wanted 'product' in it...

I tried not to show my amusement, as you would, and hopefully succeeded. The question is, however, how did I respond? Surely I didn't abandon the principle that real men should never use 'product'?

Sorry folks, I said yes. And the strange thing is, I'm not sure that I regret it...


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