Monday Morning with JP*

It's been a bit quiet in this corner of the blogosphere recently; not through lack of things to say**, but due to lack of time in which to say them. Happily I have now found myself on a train with time to rectify the situatiion, so if you're sitting comfortably, as they say...

Personally I'm not quite sitting as comfortably as I could be. Partially that's because the train is really manky, and partially that's because my attempt to pre-empt the call of nature before embarking on this stage of my journey*** was hindered at every turn. Both sets of Gents at Swindon station appeared to be locked this morning, and when I asked why I was told "there's disabled toilets which are open". How silly I felt for not making that connection myself. Anyway, that was possibly a lie, because the disabled toilet (singular) was also locked. That may have been because it was in use, but I didn't have time to find out and I went to board the train. "Ladies and gentlemen, we apologise that due to a technical fault there are no toilet facilities onboard today...".

Nice. That too might have been bending the truth slightly unless "someone blocking it with paper and making it unhygienic" classes as a technical fault, because apparently that's what the problem really is. On the plus side, "we can use it if we really need to". I'm hoping that I don't, he says, bordering on the verge of "too much information!"

At least the guard on this train is friendly and helpful, so from that point of view they've got something right.

Moving swiftly on, I have been pleased to receive various comments in recent weeks; I know I've been a bit slow**** but I'll reply in due course when I'm back at a proper computer. Both of you who read this should know that scoop photographs of the Afro Days will appear; I've just had a technical issue (not one involving toilet paper) with my images. Meanwhile, it might interest Dave to know that the headline on the Metro this morning reads "double-dealing on student loans". Someone else, it seems has cottoned on to the same issues I was ranting about in my recent post, and although it might be a 'private company' by name I need more convincing than ever that the government has no involvement at all.

*Like Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. Except that the J doesn't stand for 'Jonathan' and the P doesn't stand for 'Ross'.

**Far from it.

***"Keep the water fresh: use the toilet before you swim". Or so reads the shiny LCD sign at the swimming pool in Horsham.

****Blame the fact that Gareth actually agreed with me and I needed time to recover.


Geoff said…
Loo James, loo, not "toilet"

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