Newbury in New Cinema Shock!

I've often joked about the fact that the headline on the Newbury Weekly News is invariably about plans for a new cinema, which never come to fruition. In fact, I've probably mentioned it here somewhere before.

Anyway, I was passing through* Newbury earlier and, true to form, the headline on the NWN seemed to be about plans for a new cinema.

I was suitably amused; some things never change it seems.

*literally, and co-incidentally. Given time and the freedom to do so I'd have liked to have stopped and checked out my old haunts, as it were, but alas it was not to be.


Anonymous said…
only this time it's actually true! work starts on the 28th january by closing the southern end of market street and cheap street for up to 12 to move a sewer!!! However we shall see if it's the last of the cinema issues in the NWN!!!

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