Car Spotting

I took my bike out for a bit of a blast at the weekend, and really enjoyed it, especially as the weather was good, and there was some beautiful scenery en route.

"That's nice", I hear you say, and it was. But for those of you expecting more, be it tales of adventure or humorous anecdotes I'm going to leave you disappointed as there's little else to say.

Except for the fact that on separate occasions I was passed by a total of three different Chrysler Neons. I thought that it was semi-noteworthy, and I'm sure that there are some for whom that's a significant fact. If you're wondering what a Chrysler Neon is, that's probably not you. There's a clue in the title, if you're feeling really lost.*

I was also passed by at least three Mazda MX5s, incidentally. If I had a 'special stare', I'd have used it for the driver of the one who had the roof up on such a nice day. Scrooge.

*it's a car. I know very little about it, but I understand it's quite rubbish as these things go.


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