"the guy with the penis"

I've said before that I'm a fan of the Metro, and, rising above the derisive cries of "it's a rag!", I'll say it again. I'm a fan of the Metro.

I like the fact that it helps me to catch up with the day's news in a casual way on the train to work in the mornings. The writing style isn't that bad, and it's more informative than some tabloids one might part with money for. These days it isn't even as though the BBC News page is any better at all; personally I think that the BBC News has suffered a decline in spelling and grammatical standards, and has become too 'tabloid' with its headlines. Digressing slightly, I thought that the BBC had reached a new low with its coverage of the recent plane crash. Quotations such as "he deserves a medal as big as a frying pan!" belong in rags like the Metro, and who cares about the elderly couple who watched the crash on the TV News, despite living just yards from the crash site?

Anyway, back to the topic in hand, I also like the amusing stories in the Metro. The recent anecdote about the guy who drunkenly changed his name by deedpole to Big Crazy Lester was a classic. Sometimes, however, even I have to agree with those who say it's "utter drivel" and the Metro I picked up today was - in a juvenile way - a case in point.

Today's 60 Second Interview was with John C Reilly, and the first question was something about being in close proximity to a penis in his new movie*. I hope that I'm not alone in finding this disturbing. Out of all the questions which could have been asked...Out of all the possible "key moments" one could write in to a movie script...

In a juvenile way, however, I did raise a big smile at the answer, which contained the line "the guy with the penis was a real sport". To me it read in the same manner as "the guy with one arm was a real sport", and it was as though Mr Reilly feels that the poor man had some sort of affliction.

I'm assuming here that the reference wasn't to John's own John Thomas, as it were; that would have been an equally disturbing question then, but for different reasons.


markporter said…
I've started to appreciate the metro, but I wonder if this is principally because on the way home one gets showered with copies of the london lite and london newspaper.


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