JP talks hairstyles (part two)

In my last post I admitted to using 'product' in my hair. I was thinking that perhaps I should pay attention to my hairstyle - after all I won't be the most eligible bachelor in the village if I don't look good. I was even contemplating buying some 'product' myself and using it regularly.

But then on the train this morning I opened the Metro to find some photos of Kelly Brook. This, ordinarily, would have made for a good start to the day because she's hot. But, unfortunately, I opened the Metro to find some photos of Kelly Brook and her fiance. In any case that would have been a less good start to the day, but in this case I'm speechless because he's bald. All this talk of hairstyle, and it appears that I'd be best with no hair at all.

Of course, I'm being melodramatic. We all know that being bald isn't a guarantee of instant success with women. In this case though, he's bald, she's very beautiful and so the question must be asked "how does that work?!"

I wonder if it's all about his name - Billy Zane, apparently. Now I'm not convinced about the name 'Billy' and I wouldn't want to have the surname 'Zane' myself, but perhaps it is the sort of name about which one could use the phrase "chicks dig that" if one was so inclined. You might laugh, but I'm not so sure...I've been thinking that if I was called Brad, for example, all of the women who participated in my recent beard survey would have voted in favour*.

*Talking of which, I'm still unsure who it was who claimed to be a woman and a fan of the beard...


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