Greetings from Oxford!

The summer seems to have flown past and this post comes to you from my new pad which I moved in to yesterday to commence my fourth year. Scary stuff.

Moving in was a bit of a hassle because the original fob supplied with my keys was broken and I had to rely on others to let me in and out of the building until I could get it fixed, but now I am fully installed. I like my new room; it's quite modern, light and airy and comes with a sofa. I need to get some picture hooks installed, but I do at least have a big cork-board for postcards.

In a departure from previous years, I'm not living in the main college, which has lent a slightly unfamiliar feel to some aspects. It's great to be back though. A lot of people have sadly now moved on from Oxford, but there are still many familiar faces and I'm looking forward to meeting some new ones.

Those of you who read Sam's blog will know that another big change is afoot. My esteemed father has landed himself a new job, and as such the family home will be moving from Newbury to West Sussex come the end of term. It'll be strange, and I'll miss Royal Berkshire and my friends there, but it will also be quite exciting.

Regular readers will know that I like to talk about music, and today I bought myself 'Hotel' by Moby in HMV's sale. Like his previous album, '18', it's very chilled with a lot of variety and peppered with random lyrics. "
Come back to us spiders, Come uncrushed my hand, Let me sent beauty rain, And bring us love again, like you can" is a classic example. I love hearing the reasons behind the name of an album or the lyrics of a song, and Moby's reasons for calling it 'Hotel' are particularly thought provoking. He notes that people sleep in hotel rooms, bathe in hotel rooms, have sex in hotel rooms and begin and end relationships in hotel rooms and yet between guests the rooms are wiped clean and no trace is usually found of the previous occupant. He then tries to draw parallels with life which made me think, even if it's all a bit inconclusive and depressing.


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