Happy St Luke's Day

Today is, apparently, The Feast Day of St Luke The Evangelist. I know this because I am speaking tonight in Brasenose Chapel (6pm - OK, so I know it's a bit of a shameless advert) and St Luke the Evangelist is the theme. It should be fun, though I'm struggling to wrap my homily up at the moment. Incidentally, my favourite random fact about St Luke is that he is the patron saint of painters.

Last night I went to a fantastic talk by one of my lecturers on 'The God of The Whole (not the gaps)', which looked at the relationship between faith and science and God's Divine Providence. He had some interesting things to say about how science and faith complement one another and it was really encouraging.

I'm pleased to report that the postcards for the wall are still coming in - let's keep it that way. Thanks to Juliette for the Giraffe, and to Nathan for indeed simultaneously winning the award for least far-flung (Oxford) and most random (does anyone know where Danby Gate is, without having to Google it?).

The gauntlet has been laid...


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