1st Week Ramblings

Well, term has started and Oxford life is well underway. I've joined the chapel choir (don't laugh) and attempted some Latin Dancing (again, don't laugh).

Actually, the dancing went quite well. I was dragged along to a trial session by a friend who was attempting to promote it and I really enjoyed it. I managed to find a partner without having to look desperate and lecherous and I'm proud to report that-despite my treading on her toe to the extent that it drew blood-she still wants to partner me in future and we went to a proper class yesterday.

More importantly, lectures have started and on the whole it's quite enjoyable. I really enjoyed yesterday's Atomic Physics, which probably had a lot to do with the lecturer's desire to make it as interesting and as informative as possible. We laughed when he explained that a previous course had gained him the comment "the interesting method of teaching involved generating understanding at the time, which some students found disturbing".

Today's Nuclear lecture was, however, rubbish. It had been promised that the lecturer had "read the syllabus this year" but as one of my friends remarked, that wasn't the biggest issue - it was his grasp of English (which, as far as I can ascertain, is his first language). He made some actually quite exciting topics appear mind-numbingly dull and his voice and mannerisms would fit in well on something like Little Britain.

Until next time.


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