More Trafalgar Madness

Yesterday at formal dinner in Brasenose I was once again party to celebrations in aid of the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

As at Christ Church, flags were in evidence in Hall and this time we were all given a glass of rum. Before the meal began the Principal gave a short (but almost completely irrelevant) speech and the aforementioned rum was used to toast Addington (ex Brasenose PM who funded the Battle), Nelson and Trafalgar.

Today has been more mundane - a large proportion of it was spent in the library, which was at least productive. Right now I am bemoaning the inability of the cheap cover for my telephone to withstand being in my pocket, as the casing around the screen has cracked severly. I have done a repair job which does not render the phone immediately useless but I am not a happy bunny.


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