The One With The Cake

Last Saturday we celebrated Nick's birthday and I enjoyed one of those spontaneous and very funny evenings.

Following an Italian meal out we returned to my pad for some (more) wine and cake. You might not expect it, but the actual 'giving of the cake' turned out to be something of a classic and is, I feel, worthy of mentioning here.

Picture the scene. We're back in my room enjoying some quality banter and it becomes appropriate for Jo and I to go and collect some more glasses and - more importantly - the cake. After some deliberation centred around the position of the smoke alarm and the insanely heavy kitchen door* we decide to light the candles just outside my room. I then proceeded to open the door, carry the cake in, and turn the lights out. So far, so good.

However for some reason, probably the fact that the windows were open, all the candles on the cake went out again and I was confronted with a lot of bewildered people in a dark room.

All was not lost as, with the immortal words "there's been a bit of a disaster", I summoned Jo (who was picking up the glasses) to relight the candles. There followed simultaneous attempts to maneuver the cake to Nick, avoid the smoke alarm, take photographs and sing Happy Birthday. Not easy when everyone is laughing. A lot.

I am now going to use the rather poor and tenuous link of talking about cake to respond to the comment left by 'the cake lovers'.

I hereby correct my statement about 20th Century Prime Ministers. "All Prime Ministers since WWII who went to university studied at Oxford" should suffice, and is, I believe accurate.

There has been so much to blog about recently, but I'm afraid you'll just have to come back again soon for the next posts.

*There are two doors between the kitchen and the staircase, one of which is insanely heavy and has an annoying handle. This, coupled with the fact that the lobby between them could be measured on the nano scale makes getting food from the kitchen to my room somewhat difficult. Grrr.


Anonymous said…
Why not just have the party in the kitchen then?

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