Is Height Important?

I enjoyed one of those classic Oxford conversations over lunch today which started around the idea that some physicists are planning on using computers to model dating strategies. The question of why physicists and not computer scientists was brushed aside with a quip about needing to have some idea about dating, but I digress. During the conversation we talked about the idea of height being an important factor in choice of partner and concluded that it was far more common for the bloke to be taller than the girl and not the other way around. One of the guys then added that in some ancient Hindu literature it states that the optimum is for the man to be 8 - 10 cm taller than the woman in a relationship.

And this is where you come in. I want to know whether or not there really is any truth behind this.

Please leave your comments below - if you are in a relationship would you class it as 'stable' and are you happy? Do you and your other half fit the optimum suggested by the Hindu wisdom? Do you have any other thoughts/experiences which might shed light on the matter?

Thanks :)


Humphrey said…
I'm tall, as you know, and I had a very serious, and very happy, relationship with a girl who was much, much shorter than me. Height doesn't matter whatsoever, and don't let anyone tell you differently - they'd be talking complete rubbish!

Hope all is well.


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