why tanning easily is an asset

I was on the bus* the other day, sporting the beginnings of a tan which I had developed during my recent visit to Weymouth.

There were a group of girls sat near me, who - despite what I'm about to say - I think were Spanish. As the bus lurched along in the usual manner I became aware that they were looking in my direction, and after a small debate one of them said loudly "Italiano?"

I proceeded to smile and utter that I wasn't, in fact, Italian. Although this raised a smile, it also appeared to cause much embarrassment for the girl who'd asked the question.

Fortunately my stop wasn't far away, so any awkwardness was short lived. I'm not even sure what possessed me to respond in the first place; despite my dark skin, good looks, and ability to be as animated as the best of them I fear that my lack of style would have given it away without the need to open my big mouth.

Brushing that small detail aside though, I do regret not being able to speak Italian; maybe I should learn before it happens again and the girl(s) in question happen to be stunning...

*Yes, a bus. Not a train. For once.

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