Boris emerges victorious after poor turnout

Thank you to all who voted in my first poll. The turn out didn't match well with my weekly viewing figures (and it matches even less if it was one of you who voted 21 times) but it was nice to see a good mix of opinions, and even nicer to see that Boris technically triumphed by two votes.

I think I'm going to use this week to find out a little more about my readership. Not in a "I want to spy on you and thieve your credit card details"* sort of way but in a "I'm quite interested in some general trends" way. (In my best Marcus Bentley voice) Vote now.

*In case there was any doubt I am too nice to contemplate that.


Alasdair said…
I don't see Boris as a plausible Mayor of London. I see him more as a candidate for rector of a university, standing against, say, Jeremy Clarkson and Gordon Ramsey. Dedicated Facebook groups, students wearing Boris masks, that kind of thing.

I've never understood the Boris phenomenon. Maybe its a Southern thing, and thus as a Northern Brit I'm left cold. Which isn't really a problem since he's got to convince Londoners to vote for him, not me.
Gareth P said…
I just wonder how he got to be an MP? Is he really as bumbling and dozy as he makes out or is it an act. Surely there's more to becoming an MP than a funny haircut and endearing manner?
Anonymous said…
I don't think he's an idiot and from the articles and books I've read by him he seems to have a good insight into many issues. He's eccentric maybe but not stupid and couldn't do a worse job of representing London then Livingstone.

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