it's as if the guy in The Office is in the office

Despite the fact that Ricky Gervais is quite probably something of a joker in real life, I am a fan of his. Although I find it too cringeworthy to watch in anything other than small doses, I love The Office, and as I spend time in the corporate world I am starting to learn that in parts it's quite accurate.

Today, a few cubes away, there has been a technician who sounds just like the computer geek so well stereotyped in one episode. A couple of well placed partitions have so far prevented me from seeing if the resemblence extends to looks, but unfortunately they aren't much of a barrier to his loud and annoying voice.

Just like the guy in The Office, he seems to be taking his time ("I'm not an f***ing miracle worker") and despite such humble statements he sounds fairly full of himself.

If you've not seen the episode in question, do, and then you'll appreciate the smarmy drawl which I find quite irritating.


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