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So, I'm on a train (keep reading...) and we've just stopped at Cam & Dursley. Immediately after pulling out of the station we came to a sudden and abrupt halt, and after a couple of minutes three teenagers were led through the train whereupon the guard and driver popped the rear doors open and helped them climb backwards out and down on to the trackside, whereupon the driver walked them back on to the platform. As the guard passed back through the train, my attempt to find out what was going on was met by an abrupt "nothing" and "we'll be on the move again shortly, that's all you need to know. Get back to what you were doing."

I'm inclined to say that the teenagers weren't fare dodgers, because they weren't escorted in a manner which suggested they'd done something wrong. They also didn't look the type, but I'd have said the guard was friendly until just now so let's not judge by appearance.

The question is, therefore, why did we stop and why did they leave the train in that manner? Can you imagine what would happen if trains stopped outside the station every time someone realised they had missed their stop? Back in West Sussex, where short platforms mean that one cannot always alight from their coach this would cause chaos. JP's current theory is that perhaps the front doors aren't working and the guys had been inadvertently trapped on board. I might test this when it's time for me to get out, though either result wouldn't be conclusive proof.

Alternatively, maybe they were Russians...

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