famous for my pogo stick

As part of my research, I am investigating something known as the Shannon Limit. It is a theory put forwards by Claude Shannon* about the maximum amount of data which can be transmitted through a noisy channel.**

Whilst reading up on it, I have found a list of other things Shannon was famous for, and number two on the list is - wait for it - "a gasoline-powered pogo stick". The mind boggles slightly, but how very cool!

I'm sure that the number one thing on the list, "his electronic computer working with roman numerals" was terribly clever, and exciting if you have cultivated facial hair and thick spectacles but personally I'd have stopped at the pogo stick, because it just sounds so much better. It's funny how the more useless achievements are often the ones which grab the attention.

What would you like to be known for?

*Funnily enough. The Shannon bit, I mean. There's no suggestion in his theory that he had to be called Claude.

**That's probably all you need to know, but if you do know more do let me know, as I might find it useful.


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