introducing (by popular demand)...

...JP's Whitelist. After all, it's good to be positive, and here you will find a list of people or companies who have done something exceptional or impressed me a lot. As you would expect from something defined as 'the opposite of a Blacklist'.

I am also pleased to have been able to cull my Blacklist. Whereas HSBC's Customer Services Department only served to entrench them further on the dreaded list, their staff in the Bath branch could not have been more helpful, and the erroneous charges were refunded. TfL have also been taken off; despite some faffing around they did offer to refund my Oyster card after the overcharging incident.

Finally I have also introduced a new 'JP Recommends...' section, which will hopefully develop in to a concise list of places I have enjoyed or maybe good books I have read and that sort of thing. After an excellent Mixed Grill (washed down with a pint of Brains*) I feel that the 'Ship Aground' in Dinas Cross is a deserving first entry, and I look forward to expanding this section in due course.

*For those of you (singular) who were criticising my choice of drinking lager the other night, I can assure you (officer)** that Brains is an ale.

**Competition Time: Which film does the line I have attempted to play on come from?


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