breaking the silence

If you're wondering why this corner of the blogosphere has been so quiet recently (especially given that it's election time) then perhaps the fact that for the second Thursday running there is still a hive of activity in the office at 11pm might offer some sort of answer. 'Intense' is a very understated description of my course but at least I've enjoyed what I've been doing this week.

Back to it - and normal service will hopefully resume soon...

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Alasdair said…
JP, Where are your thoughts on the election? I want some outrageous right wing remarks so that:

(i) I can shake my head
(ii) Ste can stir shit
(iii) I can be accused of eating muesli (The Godwin law of this corner of the blogosphere)

Anonymous said…
How about me making a comment about you eating musesli so that (i) and (ii) fall into place.....
World's most evil guy

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