"In descending order of vehemence, my objections to the Tory species stem from a) everything they do, b) everything they say, c) everything they stand for, d) how they look, e) their stupid names and f) the noises I imagine they make in bed."

(Attributed to Charlie Brooker, in The Guardian).

Here is one of many reasons why I am not a fan of the Guardian. It likes to portray an air of intelligence, but in all honesty you could probably find more reasoned and mature debate than the above in the Daily Sport. And the Daily Sport would be more entertaining to read.

I'm sure that Mr Brooker believes that he is open-minded and tolerant (and far more so than those nasty Tories could ever be), and so it's quite ironic that the above quotation is anything but. Now, whereas I can understand that the article was probably slightly tongue-in-cheek I don't like the underlying sentiment. Especially given that if 'Tory Species' were replaced by anything else, Mr Brooker and his contemparies would be the first to be outraged, whether the sentiment was meant to be tongue-in-cheek and humorous or not.

I really don't like the feeling of (misguided) superiority which is often apparent in The Guardian. It's the same misguided superiority demonstrated by those who think that the answers to the world's problems are simple and beligerently wave placards until the rest of us have seen the light. It's the same misguided superiority demonstrated by those who feel the need to take responsibility for what we might hear and what opinions we might form by restricting freedom of speech.

I've ranted before about how the popular 'tolerance' and open-mindedness in today's society often follows the Henry Ford model of "you can have any view you like, so long as it's mine" and I long for the day when people see enough sense to get over their predjudices** and are open minded enough to consider properly other views. I'm not perfect, but - for example - I do tend to actually read much of the pre-election material from every party before I make a decision.***

*Your call as to whether I'm referring to the esteemed Mr Brooker, or just lacking confidence in my writing today.

**Again, if it wasn't the Tories, to be so predjudiced would be unacceptable and outrageous. Also, such predjudices are based on images of the party almost 20 years ago. Move on, people!

***Oooh, big deal! OK, so it's a small point, but it is one way in which I do try and make sure I know the facts before I judge others on their views.


Arthur J. said…
Low and simple taxes, small state intrusion, strong defence and law enforcement, leaving power at the most local level possible (ie. closer to those whom it impacts), tried and tested teaching methods, traditional moral and cultural values - these are big and little 'c' conservative values, and have the virtue, unlike the speculative twaddle of reform! and progress! etc of the Left, of being essentially apolitical. They are pragmatic and sensible, tried and tested, and leave the most space for the individual and society.

Which is why the Left must constantly malign the Right with this kind of nonsense.
Anonymous said…
Hear hear
Anonymous said…
Why did you censor blog comments? Obviously the blogosphere is tolerant of all opinions, as long as they show comtempt for the Guardian.

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