the epitome of efficiency

If you're a long established reader of this blog, you may remember me having a rant about my local council. Specifically, I complained about the fact that my recycling box 'would arrive within four weeks'.

I am now pleased to report, ladies and gentlemen, that I arrived home today, a mere 10 weeks on, to find my recycling box. It seems that our council has developed the knack of stretching time-scales as well as the truth. I'd honestly assumed that we'd been forgotten about and was preparing to endure the council switchboard after my exams. I'm quite thankful that I don't have to call them now, and even more so that I don't pay tax. If it takes so long just to deal with a simple, and routine, request for a recycling box imagine how much is wasted on faffing around* elsewhere.

*and believe me, I know about faffing around.


nim said…
Jim, you're a grumpy old man.
Gareth P said…
He really does know his "faffing"!

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