Stirrings in this Corner

Push your way through the weeds which have sprung up throughout this deserted corner of the Blogosphere and across the wasteland you will at last see signs of life once again. Life beyond snippets from Shaggy, of all people.

The lack of posting has been down to the pressures of being a final year student-notably my project which was submitted as a first draft at the end of last week. Doubtless it will need more work when my supervisor gets back to me, and finals are looming but I will make the most of the time I have to ramble and talk about some of the more bloggable events in the sadly rather unblogworthy last couple of weeks.

I am currently speeding North at a rate of knots to Edinburgh, where I shall be staying with my great aunt (legend) and visiting the University. I have been made an offer for an MSc course there and need to check it out before I come to any decision. Deciding what to do next year is hard; I am in the verry fortunate position of having offers from three places and need to think about courses, what I will ultimately do and decide whether or not now is a good time to leave Oxford. I do believe however that with a bit of focus and a lot of prayer that things will eventually come together.

I opted for a first class upgrade for this leg of my journey, as the Weekend First deal is quite an attractive one. It seems to have paid off rather nicely because I am sat here with lots of space, a big table and a "free" supply of tea, coffee and snacks from a trolley which passes by periodically. Nice. Meanwhile the train crew are apologising for the lack of space in standard due to heavy loadings following a delay. And I even have a powerpoint for when emails, blogging or epsiodes of The Simpsons drain my PDA of juice.

Further ramblings to follow as I continue my journey up the country...


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