Some People (again)

No, this is not another post whinging about a person on a bus or train who has earned themselves a special mention here for being annoying but instead a response to this article.

"John Kiel Patterson, of Louisiana, is suing Apple in the US District Court in San Jose, California.

He says his iPod is capable of generating more than 115 decibels, a dangerous noise level, and is not safe for prolonged use."

The simple solution to the problem, Mr Patterson, is to make sure that you avoid using your iPod for prolonged periods of time, or - better still - turn the volume down a bit. Muppet. If you were genuinely that concerned you would not have bought an iPod in the first place.

It's as bad as these silly people who move to a house near an airport and then lobby about excessive noise levels. Honestly.

I might not be blessed with the world's greatest amount of common sense, but I am perfectly capable of living without warnings telling me that a packet of peanuts "may contain nuts" (really?), that freshly served coffee "may be hot", that ir is dangerous to attempt to open the door of a moving train and that "objects in the mirror may be larger than they appear". If people want to paint an 8foot ceiling or change a lightbulb in church without using full scaffolding then they should be allowed to. The excessive health and safety regulations and the selfish desire to sue anybody for anything drives me mad.


or the warning sign on my hand cream that reads "for external use only"... mhmmmmmmm.

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