Chatting in to the early hours of the morning whilst drinking copious amounts of tea is something normally associated with being a student. I have very fond memories of such evenings in my first couple of years at Oxford, and very occasionally it still happens.

I did not expect it to be a feature of my visit to Edinburgh, but I was proved wrong and enjoyed putting the world to rights and learning some family history from my Great Aunt. Truly legendary.

I was looked after extremely well - how nice to be in the position where the important question is "do I like my bacon grilled or fried?"

Edinburgh itself is beautiful, with some very impressive buildings and lots of old cobbled streets. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking and even the centre is hardly any distance from the Firth of Forth and the coast. It has one or two less impressive parts, such as the Scottish Parliament building, but that is so bad that ranting here won't do it justice; so I'll write about it later.

The University was also worth a visit - the department were incredibly helpful and I really got a feel for the place. But is the course what I want to do? Can I really see myself spending a whole year up in Edinburgh with just three weeks' holiday? Decisions, decisions...


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