which of you blokes is male?

Whilst waiting for my train home I like nothing better than to cast my beady eye through the Metro*. Today I was drawn towards the advert for Virgin Media, in which they are announcing that they were Number One in a Customer Satisfaction Survey. I don't blame them for shouting about such a surprising fact, though and I dread to think what experiences people have had elsewhere. It's not exactly stating the obvious.

What is stating the obvious, however, is the rather amusing small print. After learning who conducted the survey and how many respondents there were**, the reader who bothers to continue is rewarded with the following disclaimer. "Your experiences may vary".

What would be the point in surveying people if we all thought the same?

*Trains and a 'quality' rag. A winning combination for those who are easily pleased.

**2706. If you were wondering.

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