more joys of train travel (you know you love it, really)

I've just changed trains in Exeter and at the station I met someone I know and haven't seen for ages. I love it when I meet people in this manner, and it's a small world (as I often say). Is it me though, or does it happen to me more than most?

Other highlights of my journey so far include seeing some Americans being totally clueless as to how to open the door and get off the train I'm now on, and finding a copy of the Metro.

I know, it's a rag, but I love it. I was particularly amused by the front page picture showing someone collecting their A'level results. The aim has obviously


Starkey said…
Such truncation leaves one wondering where things were going!

I keep bumping into American tourists with heavy suitcases at Earls Court, and they ALWAYS want to get to Bayswater. Why? This means that the poor things have to wait three or four hours for an Edgware Road train, or more likely go one stop to High Street Kensington and then get the Circle. Such an experience is something that makes even a seasoned Tube user like me wary.
Starkey said…
The experience of Edgware Road trains, that is, not that of meeting Americans (which I quite enjoy).

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