Giant Row Boat Rave

Giant Row Boat Rave
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'Four years ago some idiots put on a rave. It was a rave like no other. They described it as deranged fairground music for it was like riding a psychedelic carousel that took you up to the ninth cloud upon high and then right down to the depths of a Christian hell. The worst kind of hell.

They thought it was fun, but by and at the cost of their own minds they endeavoured to make people extremely happy. The people danced, cheered and watched in awe as a small group would throw some questionably exotic shapes.

It was stupid, very stupid, and so time was taken for rest and sanity. That is until it was officially proclaimed...

"Stupid is fun you boring t**t, so put down those crocs and shut up as you will not go elsewhere for a chill as we are all just trying to chill out but first you will 'ave it and f***ing 'ave it you will, right now!"'

I found this poster in Bristol after I walked there on Saturday. It was in the new building area near Temple Meads, and I was greatly amused to see that someone else had used the term "throwing some shapes", Or, to be more precise, "throwing some questionably exotic shapes". Pleasing.

I think that it's advertising the fourth anniversary of a rave known as the 'Giant Row Boat', but other than the date (Sat. 4th August) information seems to be scarce. Did anyone go? Was it any good?


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