picking up where I left off

It seems that as I enjoyed my train ride along the top of the Dawlish Sea Wall and up the Teign Estuary I negelected to notice that part of my last post got lost in the ether. I think I must have been sidetracked by the raft-race* and the shipwreck I saw, not to mention the beautiful scenery. So, for those of you, like John who have felt The Cliff Hanger Effect, and been checking this page at every opportunity**, I am delighted to inform you that the next installment is finally here.

Well, ish. Friday's Metro is a bit 'last week' now, and I've lost the flow I was in at the time. Basically I was amused by the fact that the picture had blatantly been an attempt to cash in on the 'celebrity culture' but rather than getting a famous young musician, 'musician', actor or upcoming footballer they'd gone for the upcoming footballer's girlfriend. Which is no more impressive than saying that "I live next door to the person who walks the dog with somebody really famous."***

My weekend, incidentally, was amazing. I saw Dartmoor at its best (or worst, depending on your viewpoint). I enjoyed a walk on Saturday in the middle of a moor so bleak that the prison we were close to was no more than a shadow in the midst. I also enjoyed excellent company and wonderful hospitality. Arriving after a slightly delayed train journey on Friday night to views of the moor in the fading light and the promise of red wine, fillet steak and curly fries was just fantastic.

*The height of excitement.

**I've not checked, but if it's boosted my viewing figures (and therefore my ego) I should do it more often.

***If my neighbour does know somebody really famous, I am unaware of this fact.


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