HSBC? JP says "No".

The observant amongst you may have noticed that whilst I was waiting for some simulation results yesterday I updated my Black- and Whitelist.

HSBC now feature on the blacklist, for misleading me about my overdraft limit, wrongly applying charges to my account, sending me several conflicting pieces of information and advice, and - finally - scrapping the Interest Free Graduate Account Overdraft I was promised when I signed up to their student account. Oh, and their Customer Services people are useless. My first complaint yielded some patronising and irrelevant advice on how to pay in a cheque, and my follow up to this was not even acknowledged.

Judging by conversations I have had with others, and this article, I am by no means alone. Despite the apparent 'U-turn' alluded to by the BBC I still lack any faith in HSBC at all and look forward to taking my custom elsewhere when I have finished my course.

So, if you're looking for a student bank account, and want JP's top tip of the day, it's simple. Don't bank with HSBC.*

*As a man of principles I'd also advocate avoiding NatWest ( for their ID Policy) and I've not heard great things about Barclays, either. Hmmm.


Anonymous said…
nice :)
Shreyas Attavar said…
perfectly happy hsbc customer here...

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