Monday, December 19, 2005

Beer Update

I am pleased to announce that at about quarter-past four this afternoon the frozen-solid can of Carlsberg Special Brew was removed from the fridge. It is now defrosting happily on the side in the kitchen.


A scientist said...

You need to go out and buy a 'fresh' can of Carlsberg Special Brew, to use as the control in your experiment of freezing beer. Otherwise its just not a fair test.
I am awaiting the publication of your results in Nature with enthusiasm...

Ian said...

fair point about the "control" test. I can take a fairly educated guess the special brew will ming whether it's "fresh" or not. This comes from having tasted Carlsberg "Elephant" (7.2%) while on the choir tour in Rome. And Jim, if you drink both cans, you'll be completely battered; maybe one to leave til Christmas day!