Sodcasting, and other anti-social behaviour

I have learned a new word today – “sodcasting.”  Even if you don’t know what it is, you just know that it is anti-social.  Well, you do, because you’re an upstanding member of society.  According to the BBC, however, there are some members of society who would disagree.

One of two profound questions asked on the BBC News Page this morning is "why do people play music in public through a phone?" Or, apparently, “why do people sodcast?”*

As part of the article, some kids on a bus in Hackney are interviewed, one of whom disagrees with the idea that it might be anti-social.  Evidently “the people who think it's anti-social don't really listen to this type of music."  Part of me likes his logic, even though I think he’s an idiot.  Fancy disturbing your neighbours at 2am?  So long as it’s not their type of music, you might just get away with it…

Anyway, I digress.  I’m not actually sure that many people do listen to his type of music (whatever that may be) because the full definition of sodcasting quoted by the BBC notes that it is “commonly practised by young people wearing polyester, branded sportswear with dubious musical taste."  I’m amazed that Polly Toynbee hasn’t waded in to complain about stereotyping like this, but the definition does seem quite good in my opinion.

Meanwhile, if you weren’t wondering why people feel the need to broadcast their music in public, perhaps you were wondering why do some teenagers deliberately light fires?  Another good question from the BBC, but I fear that if the people interviewed had been asked if they thought they were anti-social, the answer would be “no.”




*Bear with me here.  I’m not fully au fait with the word and I’m not sure if one can use it in this manner.  But you know what I mean.


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